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Everything in this life is for the sake of love, we are deeply convinced of this. Our task is to help people survive, feel and enjoy the emotions of happiness at our events and provide support in the romantic date arrangement.
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We create emotions: romantic dates arrangement in Saint Petersburg

«For Love» event agency will help you organize romantic dates in St. Petersburg. Date will be arranged the most non-standard place: on the roof, on the plane, in the greenhouse, restaurants and many more.

Now, we have many crazy, creative, original scripts for dates. If you want to see tears of happiness, a genuine smile and delight, then you were not mistaken in your choice, all this will be in a large volume with you.

Our staff will help you in arranging romantic dates in the most original places of the city, namely on the highest roof of the city, watch your favorite movie in a movie theater only together, get on a date in the greenhouse. Extreme lovers have the opportunity to spend a romantic date on board of airplane, or in the cockpit of helicopter. A date at the lighthouse is one of the variety of romantic options in St. Petersburg. We will give the warmest, most gentle and romantic emotions that will melt the ice even of a snow princess. This is a great opportunity to get to know each other better and win over a girl with whom you still know little. It is unlikely that she will remain indifferent to such an original idea.

You can give a date at a lighthouse, even if you have been in a relationship for a long time. Believe us those emotions that your soulmate will feel will bring the desired effect. You will renew your relationship and let the original romanticism into them, which will allow feelings to flare up with renewed vigor. Such a date will be one of the most memorable days in your life. Moreover, a date at the lighthouse is a great gift for Valentine’s Day, Birthday, or March 8th. It is also an ideal atmosphere for apologies if you offended a loved one. At the lighthouse, which our company will arrange warmly, beautifully and unusually romantic, your soulmate will not be able to get angry and will surely forgive many mistakes.

A beautiful view of the city or the bay, warm rugs, lighted candles, a delicious dinner and other attributes will help to create an original and very gentle atmosphere. A little romance and problems will be left behind.