VIP Rooftop date

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Extension of time on the roof
(1 hour)
2500 rubles
Professional photographer
(1 hour)
4000 rubles
Meeting guests by Teddy Bear
4500 rubles
Live music
(saxophone or violin 45 minutes)
4000 rubles
from 7000 rubles
Meeting guests by Teddy Bear
5000 rubles
Balloon decoration
(15 pcs)
2500 rubles
If the date begins after 23 hours, an extra charge of 700 rubles
On holidays, the cost of a date may be increased
Sushi set for two or pizza
2500 rubles
Additional guest on a date 1000 rubles per person
Using a quadrocopter
6000 rubles
Video + backstage
7000 rubles
VIP Rooftop date

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Would you like to arrange an incredible romantic date in Saint Petersburg? What about enjoying a colorful sunset from the rooftop and admiring the adorable night-city panorama? Drinking champagne with your second half, eating fresh fruits and chatting…Oh my, you must be wondering whether these romantic date ideas in Petersburg may really be brought into life… Yes, they may, because luckily, you have come across the right people!

Package “Light”

Roof rental with stunning panoramic views of Smolny Cathedral, Neva, Peter the Great Swing Bridge and the historic center
Event organisation
Free parking
A romantic house that is always heated
Decoration with lanterns and candles
Swing and telescope
Champagne bottle
Tasty candy
Fruit basket
Hot tea
Express photoshoot (15-20 quality processed photos)
Duration 60 minutes
Cost from 4990 rubles

The cost of the package “Light”

Daytime from Mon-Thu from 10:00 to 17:00 “Light” – 4990 rubles
Daytime from Fri-Sun from 10:00 to 17:00 “Light” – 5990 rubles
Evening time from Mon-Thu from 17:00 to 04:00 “Light” – 6990 rubles
Evening time from Fri-Sun from 17:00 to 04:00 “Light” – 7990 rubles

Although finding a free and safe open roof in Petersburg might be tricky, we have found the one for you. It is called VIP roof which may sound a bit posh, but believe us, it is for reason.

Just imagine you will get a breathtaking view on Smolny Cathedral and Peter the Great’s Bridge that you must have seen in the postcards, the famous Isaac, Kazan and Trinity Cathedrals, the modern Saint Petersburg Arena and Lakhta Center… All the main attraction may be observed from the best angle, which makes this location one of the coolest observation decks in Petersburg.

Admiring cultural capital of Russia is definitely great, but not enough for a real charming evening with your beloved one. This is why apart from giving a chance to have such a nice view, this open roof in Petersburg is claimed to be one of the most comfortable terraces ever. Here you will find all the furniture: a small table with chairs, swing, warm house with sofa, throws and pillows. All the little touches such as tiny lightnings and candles, balloons and nice background music make everything even more gorgeous.

Now you know why the location of such a romantic date in Saint Petersburg is sort of a VIP venue. The only thing remaining is visiting it and checking by yourself!